Sollum Technologies announces the appointment of Paul-Henri Rouleau as Chief financial officer

Sollum Technologies announces the appointment of Paul-Henri Rouleau as Chief financial officer

Sollum Technologies is pleased to welcomePaul-Henri Rouleau to the team as chief financial officer.

"Paul-Henri has an impressive track record with significant achievements in investment, financing and management at prestigious organisations such as Desjardins Capital and the National Bank of Canada, as well as early stage and growth stage start-ups," declared Louis Brun, president and CEO of Sollum Technologies. "We are confident he will be a key player in pursuing Sollum's growth ambitions."

Biographical notes - Paul-Henri Rouleau

Mr. Rouleau dedicated most of his career to businesses in the technology industry. Moreover, he had a front row seat for the industry's growth when he contributed to founding the NationalBank of Canada's Technology Group in 1995.

Over the course of his career, Mr. Rouleau took part in the development of over 250 companies, 150 of which were in the software space. He contributed to their growth through round financing, mergers and acquisitions, strategic partnerships, international expansion and the implementation of strategies and organisational structures.

Before joining Sollum, Mr. Rouleau was chief financial officer at several companies such as Kaloôm, a Montréal-based company that offers cloud-based networking software, and Fortem Solutions, a 3D security management software provider, where he oversaw international expansion.

In 2004, he founded Phare Solutions, a consulting firm for technology companies offering mentorship and guidance in business development and the implementation of business strategy and financing.

"I can't wait to work within Sollum's solid organizational culture comprised of an experienced team, a seasoned CEO, a veteran board of directors, and battle-hardened investors. They support a cutting-edge technology with the potential to revolutionize greenhouse agriculture by providing a concrete solution to present and future environmental and geo-economic challenges."


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