Strawberry LED grow lights

LED grow lights maximize
greenhouse strawberry harvests

Strawberries, the better-known name of Fragaria, grow best under dynamic LED grow lights. Cultivation of strawberries under artificial lighting has grown significantly in recent years and has researchers testing LED technologies that shed a new light on satisfying the growing demand for local produce year-round. It’s a matter of yield and energy savings for producers and of the strawberries’ appearance, taste and sweetness for consumers, while the entire supply chain benefits from a longer shelf life and less waste.

LED grow lights provide the ideal light
spectrum for different stages of strawberry growth

The diodes in full-spectrum dynamic LED grow lights reproduce with an unmatched precision the cycle of natural sunlight. Plants benefit from the mix of red, blue and other wavelengths supplied by the Sun, ensuring the most optimal development of plants in a controlled environment agriculture (CEA) setting. 

Dynamic LEDs provide the flexibility to tailor the lighting to the strawberries’ particular needs and growth stage. Sollum’s turnkey solution of LED fixtures and SUN as a Service® cloud platform deliver the ideal ePAR spectrum and photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) to maximize strawberry crops’ yield and health throughout the cultivation period.

For example, research results indicate that newly planted strawberry plants flourish under high levels of red 
and far-red light, allowing the plants to build their canopy and grow their first trusses. Adding far-red contributes to flowering during the winter months when ambient light levels are low. Simply put, growers can adjust their lighting to manage plants’ growth, or any change incurred in the greenhouse’s environment.

How do dynamic LED grow lights
revolutionize strawberry cultivation?

Compared to conventional lighting systems, the introduction of dynamic LED lights has dramatically changed the way growers use light to promote the desired characteristics of the fruits and how they manage crops. 

There are well over 100 strawberry cultivars and Sollum’s fully adaptable LED technology can handle all of them. It’s a matter of choosing the most suitable light recipe for the cultivar, the growing season and the location of the greenhouse.

The quality of this light has a direct influence on the quality of the fruit. Research indicates that full spectrum LED lighting systems enhance the appearance, taste and sweetness (Brix level) of strawberries.

Strawberries are better harvested when their colour and sugars are at their peak. Growing locally through CEA with dynamic LED lighting means a short distribution chain, which promotes freshness and reduces waste. And sustainability-conscious consumers benefit from an increasing supply of year-round, quality strawberries available locally.

For producers, dynamic LED system reduces waste and promotes crop productivity, which translates into sales and profitability. Moreover, the flexibility of a fully dynamic lighting system enables the cultivation of multiple varieties of strawberries in a single greenhouse, each benefiting from a light recipe tailored to its growth stage ― without purchasing additional equipment or software.

Looking for a new variety to bring to market as consumer demand evolves? Growers can do in-house research. It’s as easy as testing a new cultivar in a small section of their greenhouse by applying a light recipe tailored to this new crop and monitoring plants as they grow to full maturity.

What our customers say

What our customers say

Magalie Rajotte

Les Serres de la Vallière

"At the beginning, you always need support, and with Sollum I've got it. Someone is always there to help, and that's why they will be part of the second phase of my project.”

What our customers say

What our customers say

Nancy Clermont

Les Serres Sagami-Savoura

"We're delighted to be working with a local team to develop new technologies. The Sollum team is dynamic, professional and close to its clients.”

What our customers say

What our customers say

Gabrielle Laroche

Rose Drummond

"With our Sollum dynamic lighting, we create zones to adapt the spectrum, intensity and photoperiod to grow 15+ varieties of gerberas, roses, alstroemerias, tomatoes and cucumbers.”

What our customers say

What our customers say

Bob Jones Jr.

CEO, The Chef’s Garden

"The Sollum lighting solution has worked out very well for us here at The Chef's Garden. We are seeing much better growth in the low light months of winter as compared to the HPS and other LEDs in the market.
We are very pleased with the results in growth, colour and are even seeing statistically significant results in our on farm lab relating to mineral density and antioxidant levels in leafy greens grown under the Sollum fixtures."

What our customers say

What our customers say

Gene Ingratta

President of Allegro Acres inc.

"In agriculture, we face new adversities every day. To tackle them head on, we wanted to make sure we had the most flexible LED fixture on the market. Choosing Sollum for our greenhouse peppers was an easy decision, knowing that it would give us the best ability to adapt to any growing conditions we might encounter."

Why is a dynamic LED grow light spectrum especially important in strawberry growth?

Different varieties of Fragaria have their own unique light requirements, and adjusting the spectrum, intensity and photoperiod of the light creates a truly productive environment.

For consumers, sweet strawberries are best. Results in test environments indicate that blue light can be used to improve the sweetness of the fruit. Ultimately, the specific effects vary depending on the wavelength of light and the variety, which is why an adjustable spectrum is so important. 

For producers, crop productivity and fruit quality are at the top of the agenda. Researchers have found that blue LED light induces a higher number of flower clusters and increases the final yield of plants and a higher biomass accumulation. And far-red light can accelerate strawberry ripening. Applied early on, far-red can also boost stem elongation, facilitating scouting for pests and diseases.

Results also show significant enhancement of leaf photosynthesis with LED lighting systems, leading to accelerated plant growth, higher fruit quality, and significant increases in marketable yield.

In addition, LED lighting also has an effect on pathogen control. Supplemental lighting with UV-C light has been shown to be effective in controlling two-spotted spider mites while UV-C light can help control powdery mildew. Far-red helps ensure proper airflow in the canopy, thereby reducing the proliferation of fungus.

A fully dynamic LED technology such as Sollum’s enables full control of all the parameters of strawberry greenhouse cultivation with an unmatched precision, and in real time. 

A peek into the future of strawberry cultivation

Greenhouse strawberry cultivation with dynamic LED grow lights is relatively new and as we write these lines, adopters are still on the learning curve. As more greenhouse producers and researchers turn to indoor strawberry cultivation, the knowledge acquired will continue to hone practices that enhance quality, crop productivity and profitability. With Sollum’s fully adaptable LED grow light solution, growers benefit from the most advanced scientific breakthroughs and maintain their competitive edge using their existing installation and technology.

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