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Dynamic LED grow lights for greenhouses

The SF-Family smart LED grow lights are energy efficient. To support optimal plant health and growth, sensors in each monitor the ambient light levels received by plants. The readings are used by the SUNaaS® platform to automatically dim and adjust the light spectra in real time in order to maintain the scheduled light recipe.

Our truly dynamic and future-proof LED horticulture lighting solution can handle any light recipe. You benefit from cost-effective multi-crop management and crop rotation all from a single lighting fixture.

What our customers say

Magalie Rajotte
Les Serres de la Vallière

"At the beginning, you always need support, and with Sollum I've got it. Someone is always there to help, and that's why they will be part of the second phase of my project.”

What our customers say

Nancy Clermont
Les Serres Sagami-Savoura

"We're delighted to be working with a local team to develop newtechnologies. The Sollum team is dynamic, professional and close to its clients.”

What our customers say

Gabrielle Laroche
Rose Drummond

"With our Sollum dynamic lighting, we create zones to adapt the spectrum, intensity and photoperiod to grow 15+ varieties of gerberas, roses, alstroemerias, tomatoes and cucumbers.”

What our customers say

Bob Jones Jr.
CEO, The Chef’s Garden

"Sollum Technologies' lighting solution makes it easier for us to supply culinary artists with extraordinary vegetables. Our seedlings grow faster, are more beautiful, taste better and, importantly, retain their quality for a much longer time."

What our customers say

Gene Ingratta
President of Allegro Acres inc.

"We made the bold move by starting with the cultivation of several varieties of red, yellow and orange bell peppers during the winter on 4 acres of greenhouses by using the most innovative LED technology available on the market. This had never been accomplished with peppers on such a scale, anywhere."

Which fixture is
right for you?


The perfect balance between energy efficiency and spectral flexibility. The additional LED channels of the SF-PRO enable even more precise tuning of the light recipe.  

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The ultimate spectrum flexibility in horticulture lighting. The SF-MAX is for cutting-edge growers interested in new product development, crop improvements, and horticulture research.

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PPE up to 3.0 umol/j
ePPF up to 2400 umol/s
Smart LED fixture
Unlimited lighting zones
Dynamic dimming
Adjustable spectrum
Passive cooling
IP 65
24/7 support
SUNaaS® cloud platform


Sollum’s most energy efficient LED grow light solution. Designed for greenhouse growers looking to maximise energy savings and bring the many benefits of smart lighting to their commercial crop.

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The platform that changes everything

SUNaaS® overview

SUN as a Service®
(SUNaaS®) cloud platform

Sollum’s proprietary SUN as a Service® cloud platform (SUNaaS®) provides groundbreaking greenhouse lighting control features.

The LED grow light solution allows the dynamic spectra and PPF intensity to be controlled remotely and in real time from your PC or smartphone.

SUNaaS® will consistently deliver the recipe’s right spectra, intensity and photoperiod, and the data to monitor your lighting’s health in real time 24/7.

Data for growth

The sensors collect data to calibrate the lighting output defined by a light recipe in real time.

This data is fundamental. It allows the automatic dimming and spectral compensation of the LED fixtures to maintain the light recipe in real time with unparalleled precision.

Unlimited lighting zones and total crop-specific control

Sollum’s LED greenhouse lighting solution can manage unlimited lighting zones, each benefiting from strategies tailored to each crop and production requirements.

The multi-zone light management feature of SUNaaS® gives you complete control of every area where supplemental greenhouse lighting reaches your crop.

The advantages of unlimited lighting zones include growing multiple crops in a single greenhouse, crop steering, beneficial light treatment, and more.

Growing forward,
with you

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Your unique LED
grow lighting strategy

The greenhouse lighting integration & support team will provide you with your unique, crop-specific LED grow lighting strategy before light-on.

Throughout the growth season, regular follow-up meetings are held. We will discuss the crop’s status, the performance of the light fixtures and revisions to your lighting strategy, and adapt our approach in response to your requirements, ambient conditions, and crop status.

Setting the standard
in customer support

As the leader in dynamic LED greenhouse lighting, Sollum Technologies is committed to your success. Our team provides integration services to support both your business and plant growth with our innovative solution.

Planning and integration

Our team of agronomists, horticultural specialists, engineers and technicians is there for you every step of the way. What do you want to grow in your greenhouse, where and when? Engage with our team and other experts to initiate the planning of your operation.  

We'll propose a LED grow light plan complete with the right fixtures, SUN as a Service® (SUNaaS®) cloud platform management and 24/7 on site or remote support. We’ll finalize the plan, including schedule, installation, testing and training. And our SUNaaS® platform will provide data and monitor your grow lights to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

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The benefits of dynamic lighting in hydroponic lettuce production


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