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Sollum’s innovation 

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Sollum’s innovation 

Sollum’s IP development is driven by our commitment to help our clients achieve their business vision and objectives. Sollum’s horticultural lighting technology makes it possible to interact, direct, and learn from crop physiological responses. 
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Exclusive IP portfolio

  • Patented technology
  • Proprietary algorithms
  • Software code
  • Hardware design
  • Network architecture and protocols

Our innovations

Growth recipes mastery

  • Strategic application of light spectrum at each stage of growth for crop productivity and optimization of plant color, Brix levels, product size, and shelf life.

  • Extreme precision control for optimal and sharp results made possible by patented technology, advanced calibration algorithms, and the widest range of color, luminance & CCT.

  • Advanced recipes development, simulation and execution environments.

Operational efficiency

  • Deployment and maintenance automation with IoT-enabled programmable fixtures and granular control.

  • Grid-smart greenhouse cost optimization technologies supported by agile, energy-efficient recipe management and active sunlight compensation.

  • Industrial, high availability architecture capable of delivering a complete and dynamic light spectrum at scale, with spectrum addressability down to every single lamp. 

Client innovation

  • Unprecedented control and extensibility made possible by a unique IoT-enabled, massively scalable grow lights architecture.

  • Interoperability with operational business systems enabling powerful use cases that were not previously possible.

  • And yes, moonshots: One of our partners collaborates with the Canadian Space Agency and NASA to explore space-bound applications for their innovations.

Exploring the technology behind dynamic LED grow lights

GreenhouseTomatoesLeafy vegetablesCannabisStrawberriesMicrogreensAnd many more

Sollum Technologies has the following patents granted 

(Information as of August 2023)

US10149364, US11706860, 35/512.053 and 35/511.952 in the USA, CA2974997, CA3098719A1 and 203109 in Canada, NL2030991, NL2030992, NL2031565, NL2031566, NL2031672, NL2032506 and NL2032507 in the Netherlands, DM/213 393 and DM/213 745 in Europe, and ZL201680014324.8 in China.

Sollum has filed for patent-pending protection under the following reference numbers: CA3.149.012, CA3.149.013, CA3.155.271, CA3.155.272, CA3.156.192, CA3.167.801, CA3.168.003, CA3120005A1, CA3123310A1, EP19884263.5, EP22157349.6, EP22168220.6, EP22168233.9, EP22169506.7, US17/629.724, US17/674.261, US17/674.265, US17/719.480, US17/719.513, US17/865.817, US17/865.830, US2022015210A1, US2022046773A1, WO2020097738A1, WO2020124224A1, WO2021012056A1 and US63/269,805. 

Discover our recent white papers

Quest for energy efficiency:  revolutionizing CEA with smart energy management

Quest for energy efficiency: revolutionizing CEA with smart energy management

Smart Greenhouse with Dynamic LED Lighting

Smart Greenhouse with Dynamic LED Lighting

A new way for greenhouses to cultivate with dynamic LED grow lights.

How LED dynamic lighting contributes to pest management

How LED dynamic lighting contributes to pest management

Sollum's multi-zone light management enables targeted pest control.

November 14, 2022
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Seasonal Variation in Natural Light

As climate change threatens the concept of traditional growing seasons and as communities push for more local agriculture, the idea of being able to de-seasonalize production offers increased productivity and opportunities for greenhouse growers. To fully grasp how Sollum Technologies’ solution can effectively support this transition, we must better understand how natural light changes seasonally and why this variation affects plant growth.

November 9, 2021
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Photoreceptors and Red/Far-red Impacts

Photoreceptors and Red/Far-red Impacts The previous white paper focused on seasonal and daily changes to light quality (i.e., spectrum) and quantity (i.e., intensity and photoperiod), which significantly impact plant growth and development. While the impact of light quantity may appear more obvious, that of light quality is more abstract due to the nanoscopic nature of light. With light quantity, we can easily discern whether light is more intense and whether the day is longer or shorter.

January 5, 2022
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Introduction to Dynamic Lighting

The term “dynamic lighting” is becoming more common in the world of precision agriculture. The concept of dynamically controlling artificial light is in its infancy, and as such the definition of exactly what constitutes “dynamic lighting” is not always consistent between sources. Sollum Technologies identifies four fundamental criteria for its lighting technology to be truly dynamic

February 7, 2022
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