Sam Soltaninejad becomes Chief Horticultural Specialist at Sollum Technologies

Sam Soltaninejad becomes Chief Horticultural Specialist at Sollum Technologies

Sollum Technologies is thrilled to announce that Sam Soltaninejad has joined the team as Chief Horticultural Specialist. With extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of plant pathology, biotechnology, integrated pest management (IPM) and many other disciplines, Soltaninejad will be a valuable leader as Sollum builds on past successes to take advantage of new and exciting opportunities.

Mr. Soltaninejad has a rich history from both research and commercial perspectives, conducting trials and acquiring a deep understanding of artificial lighting, hydroponic production and facilities management. Over the last 15 years, he has contributed his knowledge and expertise to growing vegetables and ornamental plants in Asia, Europe, and Canada in controlled environments and in the field. Among others, he has worked for ILVO research centre in Belgium, and Orangeline Farms and Great Northern Hydroponicsin Kingsville, Ontario (Canada). Prior to joining Sollum, Mr. Soltaninejad was the Horticulture Support Specialist in hydroponic vegetable production for Fluence Bioengineering. He has earned his M.Sc. in Plant Pathology and Mycology from the University of Ahvaz, in Iran. Sollum's robust team of engineers, agronomists, technicians and programmers will benefit greatly from Mr. Soltaninejad’s key industry insight and knowledge to accelerate success.

“Sollum Technologies has developed the most advanced solution in the horticultural lighting industry,” says Soltaninejad. “Joining the Sollum team appeals to me because it is at the forefront of a new era in controlled-environment horticulture defined by the use of smart technology and AI for dynamic light application. Although the company has already experienced tremendous growth in this competitive sector, I am confident that my expertise can help us further push the limits of what this technology is capable of, and I am eager to play a greater role in transforming the industry as a whole.”

“Mr. Soltaninejad brings a highly valuable perspective to our team backed by impressive accomplishments in the companies he has worked for,” says Louis Brun, CEO of Sollum Technologies. “He supports our team’s vision for innovative and sustainable agriculture and having him on our team is a huge achievement for Sollum that reflects our leading position in dynamic LED lighting.”

Mr. Soltaninejad will be joining other representatives of Sollum Technologies at the upcoming Greentech Amsterdam event taking place from June 14th to 16th where the team will have an opportunity to share knowledge and connect with other key industry players specializing in controlled agriculture.


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