Major breakthrough on the international market
Montréal, Québec, Canada
March 16, 2022

Major breakthrough on the international market

The Netherland’s Maarel Orchids chooses Sollum’s dynamic led lighting solution

Sollum Technologies, a leader in dynamic LED grow lights solution for greenhouse producers, breaks into the International market with Maarel Orchids in the Netherlands. With close to 22 acres of greenhouse facilities producing more than 115,000 orchids weekly, Maarel Orchids is a key player in the worldwide hub of horticulture with a strong focus on innovation and sustainability.

Maarel Orchids' state-of-the-art facilities use a fully automated flower sorting system that maximizes efficiency and minimizes costs. Maarel is no stranger to putting cutting-edge technology at the forefront of their business strategy. “We pride ourselves on aiming for perfection in our greenhouse operations so we can consistently produce the highest quality orchids,” says Rene Vissers, Managing Director, Maarel Orchids.“Sollum’s dynamic LED lighting solution gives us the ability to control every aspect of our lighting so that it continuously meets the needs of our plants, even as they change.”

As a global hot spot for cut flower cultivation, the Netherlands presents a highly sought after market for the top horticultural lighting companies. Sollum was recommended to Maarel by Ledgnd, a brand independent lighting advisor company based in the Netherlands that matches LED light providers to growers. "As a strategic partner of Maarel Orchids we recommended Sollum because they had the most complete lighting solution for the needs of this project," says Ramón van de Vrie, director of Ledgnd. "Now we intend to make sure that the integration of the lighting is successful so we can work towards the results in the cultivation that we and Maarel Orchids are aiming for."

Louis Brun, CEO of Sollum Technologies, sees the events as a key breakthrough for Sollum on the international market, saying “Maarel provides the perfect example of the high- quality ornamental production we have come to expect from the Netherlands and being recognized by them as well as Ledgnd as the top choice of lighting providers for this project is a true testament to our company’s ability to meet the diverse needs of our clients and their high standards.”

The project with Maarel follows various gains made by Sollum on the North American continent: in Québec and Ontario in Canada, as well as in the United States.

About Maarel Orchids

In the heart of the Westland, we grow 25 varieties of twelve-centimeter Phalaenopsis with an average of two branches and fourteen flowers. Our strength lies in that sharp focus. For example, we grow uniform, large batches of pot orchids with a constant quality that retailers can rely on. We achieve this by working fully automated and sustainably. By automating our cultivation process, we guarantee constant and well-plannable cultivation. Moreover, with a ditto cost. Whether it is cloudy or sunny, the climate in the greenhouse is set in such a way that it does not affect the growth of the Phalaenopsis. An important core value of our nursery is sustainability. Our production process is therefore maximally sustainable and organic. For more information, visit

About Ledgnd

Ledgnd B.V. is the brand independent lighting advisor for growers. Ledgnd has a team of plant scientists, horticultural veterans, and LED experts. With that team Ledgnd supports the grower to achieve a successful implementation of LED in their greenhouse. For more information, visit


Sollum Technologies

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About Sollum Technologies

Sollum Technologies offers the only 100% dynamic LED lighting solution that modulates the full spectrum of natural sunlight to illuminate enclosed environments such as greenhouses, research centers and laboratories. Sollum®'s award-winning turnkey solution consists of IoT and AI-powered luminaires that are controlled by Sollum's exclusive Sun at Your Service™ cloud platform. Sollum's unique solution is a fully scalable clean technology that adapts to business needs as well as multi-zone lighting management, with each zone benefiting from automatic dimming of an unlimited number of light recipes. This is why our solution offers unparalleled value in terms of energy savings and, additionally for greenhouse growers, increased productivity and superior product quality.

Founded in 2015, the company is based in Montreal (Quebec, Canada), where its design, development and manufacturing activities are concentrated. For more information, visit

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