Lighting up the next generation of biostimulants

For companies like Ulysse Biotech, conducting robust research is the key to success. To test and develop their suite of organic biostimulants, they rely on Sollum’s smart LED lighting solution to control variables with high precision and replicate a large variety of lighting conditions.
May 2022

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With its suite of organic biostimulants, Québec-based Ulysse Biotech is helping farmers harness the power of nature to grow healthier, more abundant crops, in a more sustainable way. We at Sollum Technologies are pleased to support its efforts.

Global agriculture is facing major challenges in the coming years, with the world’s population projected to reach nine billion by 2050, and the climate crisis becoming increasingly dire. Organic biostimulants being developed and commercialized by companies like Ulysse Biotech offer a solution to these problems, by increasing yields and enhancing crop quality and resilience using less pesticides, fertilizer and fossil fuel.

Sollum’s lighting solution is critical to our work,” says Dr. François Gagné-Bourque, the company’s director of research and development. “To test our products, we use a grow room, in which every variable – including lighting, water and fertilization – must be controlled with exceptional precision and uniformity.”

“After exploring a few different products on the market, we selected Sollum technologies for the lighting component. Their solution stood out for its ability to recreate almost any natural lighting condition according to detailed research specifications, without compromising the atmospheric conditions of the grow room.”

Following months of testing Sollum’s smart LED lighting solution, Ulysse Biotech was pleased with the results, noting that they were able to grow flowers of unprecedented quality and visual properties. They also observed a positive impact on the durability of their seedlings and the growth rates of plants – including species like corn, which grew much more quickly than expected under Sollum’s solution.

Since then, the company has discovered both scientific and commercial advantages to the Sollum technology. According to Dr. Lauriane Giroux, research analyst at Ulysse Biotech: “On a practical level, I don’t have to worry about the variable conditions that affect field research, or about the status of the light fixtures because the automated monitoring system notifies me in real-time if anything is amiss.”

“But it’s more than just that. Sollum’s fixtures are also more energy-efficient and emit less heat, giving us better control over plant growth cycles and enabling us to work through the summer when it would normally be too hot. This opens up new opportunities to experiment with an even broader range of applications for our products.”

Dr. Gagné-Bourque notes that being able to replicate the natural conditions in which prospective clients operate has been helpful in the sales process: “When we speak to growers in California, for example, we can assure them that we’ve tested our products in conditions that are as close as possible to theirs. Our investment in high-quality research and data increases confidence in our products and carries a lot of weight.”

Meeting the increasing demand for food isn’t just about growing more. It’s also about developing better, smarter, and more sustainable ways to increase yields, improve quality and reduce environmental impacts. Sollum’s partnership with Ulysse Biotech is a step in the right direction.

Stay tuned for updates as Ulysse Biotech collects new data using Sollum’s smart lighting solution!

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