Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit

Presented by
Sollum Technologies

Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit

Presented by

June 24-25, 2024

Chicago, Illinois
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Meet Sollum at Indoor AgTech, the vibrant agri-food hub of the US.
On June 24-25, over 400 C-suite growers, retailers, seed companies, investors, policymakers, start-ups and tech providers at the forefront of the global indoor farming community will come together to build supply chain resilience for fresh produce, explore new business models and technologies driving profitability in CEA.

Sollum is taking the stage in Chicago

June 24, 2.30 p.m. - Networking Roundtable: Tackling Greenhouse Challenges with Tailored LED Recipes

Hosts: Matthew Bonavita, Senior Director of Sales for the US Market and Sarah Lombardi, General Manager, Red Sun Farms Ontario.

June 25, 11.15 a.m. - Panel // Energy efficiency: Lowering Consumption, Costs and Emissions

Moderator: Glenn Behrman, Founder & President, CEA Advisors.

Panelists: Louis Brun, President & CEO of Sollum, Dick Kramp, CEO, AB Greenhouse, Edward Verbakel, CEO, VB Group and Halton Peters, Co-Founder and President of Hardee Fresh.

Meet us at the event

Meet us at the event

Matthew Bonavita
Senior Director of Sales for the US market
Tim Gilpatrick
Sales Manager for the US market

About us Sollum Technologies

About us Sollum Technologies

Sollum Technologies

Let’s grow forward, together

Let’s grow forward,

Sollum Technologies designed the only 100% dynamic LED lighting solution that modulates the full spectrum of the Sun’s natural light to illuminate closed environments such as greenhouses, research centers and laboratories. Sollum's award winning, turnkey solution consists of Internet of Things, AI-powered light fixtures that are controlled by Sollum's proprietary SUN as a Service® cloud platform.
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What our customers say

Magalie Rajotte
Les Serres de la Vallière

"At the beginning, you always need support, and with Sollum I've got it. Someone is always there to help, and that's why they will be part of the second phase of my project.”

What our customers say

Nancy Clermont
Les Serres Sagami-Savoura

"We're delighted to be working with a local team to develop new technologies. The Sollum team is dynamic, professional and close to its clients.”

What our customers say

Gabrielle Laroche
Rose Drummond

"With our Sollum dynamic lighting, we create zones to adapt the spectrum, intensity and photoperiod to grow 15+ varieties of gerberas, roses, alstroemerias, tomatoes and cucumbers.”

What our customers say

Bob Jones Jr.
Chef de la direction, The Chef’s Garden

"Sollum Technologies' lighting solution makes it easier for us to supply culinary artists with extraordinary vegetables. Our seedlings grow faster, are more beautiful, taste better and, importantly, retain their quality for a much longer time."

What our customers say

Gene Ingratta
Président de Allegro Acres inc.

"We made the bold move by starting with the cultivation of several varieties of red, yellow and orange bell peppers during the winter on 4 acres of greenhouses by using the most innovative LED technology available on the market. This had never been accomplished with peppers on such a scale, anywhere."

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La solution d’éclairage intelligent DEL à spectre complet de Sollum est judicieuse sur le plan des affaires.
Canada / Serre / Fraises
Les fraises

Découvrez les avantages de la culture des fraises avec la solution d’éclairage dynamique DEL de Sollum

La production de fraises en serre est en augmentation partout dans le monde. Les consommateurs sont de plus en plus soucieux de l’impact environnemental de la production alimentaire et recherchent des alternatives aux fraises importées, traitées chimiquement et récoltées avant leur pleine maturité.

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La solution d’éclairage intelligent DEL à spectre complet de Sollum est judicieuse sur le plan des affaires.
Canada / Serre / Concombres
Prism Farms

Une transition réussie vers une culture plus rentable grâce à l’éclairage dynamique DEL

En 2022, Prism Farms s’est associé à Sollum Technologies afin d’installer sa solution d’éclairage dynamique DEL dans une nouvelle serre dédiée aux cultures d’automne.

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La solution d’éclairage intelligent DEL à spectre complet de Sollum est judicieuse sur le plan des affaires.
États-Unis / Serre / Radis / Laitues
The Chef's Garden

Un éclairage sur mesure pour des produits maraîchers sur mesure

Depuis des décennies, The Chef’s Garden (Ohio) est réputé pour cultiver des produits de qualité répondant aux normes culinaires les plus élevées des grands chefs. L’entreprise fait appel à Sollum et sa solution d’éclairage intelligent DEL pour accroître le rendement, et aussi la saveur de ses produits.

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La solution d’éclairage intelligent DEL à spectre complet de Sollum est judicieuse sur le plan des affaires.
Canada / Serre / Poivrons
Allegro Acres

Allegro Acres Chapitre 3:
Rétrospective de la saison

Alors que la première saison de culture d'Allegro Acres se termine, nous nous penchons sur les principales réussites, les enseignements et les prochaines étapes ainsi que sur les objectifs liés à la durabilité et au changement climatique.

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